Newsletter #35

A NeuroMat project group to simulate cortical networks using stochastic models

During the last NeuroMat workshop, PI Antonio Carlos Roque presented a project to simulate neuronal behaviors associated to the Galves-Löcherbach model. Computational simulation could provide insights on brain dynamics, especially with working with very large sample sizes.

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NeuroMat PI Claudia Vargas has been awarded by FAPERJ a grant to pursue clinical research on the brachial plexus injury The NeuroMat High-Performance Computing (HPC) Center has organized the First Course on Parallel and GPU Programming for Neuroscience The NeuroMat scientific dissemination team has hosted an advanced training on Web-2.0 science communication

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Upcoming lectures of NeuroMat Parkinson Network (AMPARO)

Monday, 26th December 2016. Lecturer: Maria Elisa Pimentel Piemonte, NeuroMat and University of São Paulo. (Exceptionally this lecture will not be live.)

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NeuroMat is a research center established in 2013 at the University of São Paulo that is dedicated to integrating mathematical modeling and theoretical neuroscience. Among the core missions of NeuroMat are the creation of a new mathematical system to understanding neural data and the development of neuroscientific open-source computational tools. The research center is headed by Prof. Antonio Galves, from USP's Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, and is funded by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP).

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