"Dynamic connections" -- a movie on NeuroMat

A short movie on the combining of neuroscience and mathematics, NeuroMat's cornerstone, has been released. This movie was produced by the Pesquisa Fapesp crew, in May 2014. The video is in Portuguese, with English subtitles.

Below, one may read the official synopsis of the movie and here the news article on which the video rests upon. The official webpage of the movie is here.

Dynamic connections

NeuroMat is a research center of mathematics that intends to develop new mathematical models needed to interpret the current state of neurobiology. At least this is how mathematician Antonio Galves, head o NeuroMat, presents this research center located at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, at University of São Paulo (IME-USP).

In this video, one can learn more about the research center as well was how an animation composed of 10 white moving dots may contribute to understanding how the brain interprets what it sees.

This piece is part of NeuroMat's Newsletter #6. Read more here



The Research, Innovation and Dissemination Center for Neuromathematics is hosted by the University of São Paulo and funded by FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation).


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