Research center invests in 'wiki' scientific dissemination

The Research, Innovation and Dissemination Center for Neuromathematics (NeuroMat), a scientific organisation located at the University of São Paulo, intends to develop its scientific-dissemination strategy with social, participatory tools created by the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikinotícias, A fonte de notícias livre que você pode editar!, 07/16/2014.

NeuroMat investigates how the brain processes external stimuli

Research center uses neuromathematics to understand possible statistical regularities connected to the brain. Aline Naoe, Agência USP de Notícias, 07/16/2014.

Open Source, Open Skies, Open Stadium

Fieldwork notes on an interview with NeuroMat investigator Fabio Kon, who will feature on a documentary on Brazilian science. Imagine Science Films, 06/26/2014.

Mathematical models of the brain

Research Center at the University of São Paulo (USP) dwelves into neuromathematics, a science that intends to develop a theory to describe and predict neuronal interactions. Fernanda Teixeira Ribeiro, Mente e Cérebro, 06/2014.

In defense of public scientific-data sharing

The open-science movement advocates for public, free access to tools and data scientists make use of in order to widen science's social benefits. Though there have been undeniable improvements over the last years, such widening is still relatively resisted. Claudia D. Vargas and Fabio Kon, Le Monde Diplomatique, 05/2014.

Computer Science professor takes part in research project on neuromathematics

The Computer Science professor Amanda Nascimento, from the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP), and scholars from other Brazilian and foreign universities have taken part of the scientific project of the Research, Innovation and Dissemination Center for Neuromathematics (NeuroMat), from the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP). Tamara Pinho, UFOP - 04/23/2014.

Dynamic connections

Mathematicians and neuroscientists are working together to understand and predict brain functioning. Igor Zolnerkevic, Revista Pesquisa FAPESP - 04/2014.

Neuromathematics, the new brain science

Neuroscience does not have a conceptual frame to interpret in a higher level of abstraction data that are obtained from experiments yet. Such situation may be described as rich in data and poor in theory. Aline Naoe, USP - 04/14/14.

"A ciência traz valores fundamentais à sociedade": entrevista com Claudia Domingues Vargas

Entrevista da pesquisadora principal do NeuroMat Claudia Domingues Vargas ao jornal O Globo. Pedro Motta Gueiros, O Globo - 10/4/2014

Discurso sobre sonho pode ajudar no diagnóstico de doenças mentais

Técnica é capaz de auxiliar na identificação de sintomas de esquizofrenia e bipolaridade. Elton Alisson, Jornal do Brasil - 18/03/2014.




The Research, Innovation and Dissemination Center for Neuromathematics is hosted by the University of São Paulo and funded by FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation).


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