Modeling of acoustic signal energies with a generalized Frank copula. A linguistic conjecture is reviewed

García, J. E. and González-López, V. A. - In this paper was selected a generalized Frank copula to model the dependence between the energy on two frequency bands of the speech signal, coming from eight languages. Was developed an algorithm that uses maximum likelihood to choose the best fitting copula's parameters.

Loss of Memory of Hidden Markov Models and Lyapunov Exponents

Collet, P. and Leonardi, F. - In this paper we prove that the asymptotic rate of exponential loss of memory of a finite state hidden Markov model is bounded above by the difference of the first two Lyapunov exponents of a certain product of matrices.

Undergraduate student internships

The Research, Innovation and Dissemination Center on Neuromathematics (NeuroMat), hosted by the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and funded by FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation) is offering internship positions to undergraduate students who are interested in making use of their computer knowledge in the development of high-level scientific research.

Prof. Leornardo Cohen: Remarks at NeuroMat's First Workshop

The first point I would like to make is that in my view the meeting was highly successful. Now, everybody knows what everybody else in the program is doing or thinking, regardless of the opportunity to interact with each other you had before.


NeuroMat data-management tools to help treating neurological injuries

Researchers from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and the University of São Paulo (USP) have collaborated to develop open-access, data-sharing computational tools, that could lead to progress in understanding and treating neurological lesions, especially damages of a network of nerves called brachial plexus.





The Research, Innovation and Dissemination Center for Neuromathematics is hosted by the University of São Paulo and funded by FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation).


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