In praise of Ernesto Hamburger, NeuroMat’s first dissemination team leader

by Fernando da Paixão

(Transcript of an intervention of NeuroMat’s current dissemination team leader, Fernando da Paixão, at the roundtable “Challenges of Scientific Dissemination,” at the University of São Paulo, on June 9, at the University of São Paulo. More information here.)

It is a pleasure and an honor to participate in this roundtable in honor of Professor E. Hamburger, an activity that was organized by the RIDC NeuroMat, where he was in charge of planning and implementing the dissemination strategy. This event aims at emphasizing Professor Hamburger’s role in such areas as Scientific Teaching and Dissemination, where he made an outstanding contribution.

Professor Hamburger got his PhD in Nuclear Physics in 1959, became a professor at the University of São Paulo in 1968 and has been a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences since 1963. In his career at the university he has always been active in fostering new teaching experiences, but since the 70s he invested more intensively in Scientific Teaching and Dissemination. He won important awards, such as CNPq's José Reis award, Unesco's Kalinga award and the Pop Network award, and the recognition of his contribution has been both in the national and international communities.

Rather than talking about all Prof. Hamburger’s awards, let me now introduce our speakers. From different perspectives, they will be able to address Prof. Hamburger’s trajectory: Prof. André in his first course as a student at a public school in the Estação Ciência; Prof. Martha in the area of museums; and Prof. João in the devising of NeuroMat’s scientific dissemination and the use of new technologies.

It is worth remembering that Prof. Hamburger’s line of activity remains urgent, requiring increasing involvement from the scientific community in the areas of Scientific Teaching and Dissemination. The small percentage of graduates in the many fields of science is an evidence of the need and relevance of lines of activity like the one Prof. Hamburger has been engaged in.

Some talk transcripts at the roundtable on “Challenges of Scientific Dissemination” are published in the newsletter “Pensar a Educação em Pauta”, in Portuguese.

Prof. Fernando da Paixão: "Introdução na homenagem ao Prof. Ernesto Hamburger"

Prof. Martha Marandino: "Sobre Ciência, Divulgação, Museus e Ernst Hamburguer há muito o que falar…"

Prof. André Frazão Helene: "Como seguir o legado do Professor Ernest Hamburger"

Prof. João Alexandre Peschanski: "Ernesto Hamburger 2.0: a experiência de difusão científica colaborativa do NeuroMat"

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