The NeuroMat Project

Mission and Scientific Challenges - A new mathematical framework for neuroscience

The mission of the Center is to develop the new mathematics needed to construct a Theory of the Brain accounting for the full experimental data gathered by neuroscience research.

This calls for the development of a new approach —neuromathematics— conjoining probability theory, combinatorics, statistics, computer science and neuroscience. In this approach, a new class of mathematical models must be introduced to describe and explain in a parsimonious way the different scales of neural activity and their relationship. The construction of these models, however, should marry the simultaneous development of suitable statistical and computational methods, including model selection principles and results.

To test and construct large-scale computational implementations of the models developed by the NeuroMat scientific team, NeuroMat has established a High-Performance Computational Center that allows for the simulation of large-scale network models.

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Technology Transfer

The tecnology-transfer effort is oriented by the conceptual and experimental framework developed by the NeuroMat scientific team to explain neuroscientific phenomena.

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The NeuroMat dissemination strategy can be described as an original news making at the scientific frontier of science communication. This strategy involves continuous dissemination production and research.

The NeuroMat dissemination team has stablished a collaborative web-2.0 hub, that at the same time improves available scientific content to the general public and fosters a community for science.

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