XXVI EBP in honor of Professor Antonio Galves

The XXVI Brazilian School of Probability (XXVI Escola Brasileira de Probabilidade) in honor of Professor Antonio Galves, will be held at USP, São Paulo, during the week July 30 – August 5, 2023.

Jornal da USP talks about the statistician brain and the event Random Processes in the Brain

NeuroMat director Antonio Galves spoke to Jornal da USP about the event Random Processes in the Brain, which will happen next year at the Institut Henri Poincaré, France.

Abraço initiative on the radio

NeuroMat PI Claudia D. Vargas and NeuroMat associate investigator Kelly Rosa Braghetto were interviewed in the Sementes da Ciência podcast show, on Rádio UFRJ. They talked about the Neuroscience Experiments System (NES), a software developed by the RIDC NeuroMat to manage, organize and share data from experiments in the field of neuroscience.

Pesquisa FAPESP magazine presents: "The Statistician Brain"

NeuroMat's study on "Retrieving the structure of probabilistic sequences of auditory stimuli from EEG data" was featured on the last issue of science communication magazine Pesquisa FAPESP. The piece is called "The Statistician Brain" as NeuroMat's paper relates to a classical idea by Hermann von Helmholtz that the brain acts like a statistician as it models stimuli from the environment.

Dreams can reveal how the process of adapting to the ‘new normal’ is going

This week, "Agência FAPESP" website featured an article about the work developed by neuroscientist Natalia Mota, for her postdoctoral project. The work was also supervised by researchers Sidarta Ribeiro (UFRN) and Mauro Copelli (Federal University of Pernambuco). Both are co-authors of the article and are part of the RIDC NeuroMat.

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