NeuroMat researchers to take part in Scientific Festival at São Paulo

NeuroMat's researchers Evandro Santos Rocha and Michelle Miranda will take part in the first “Virada Científica", a round-the-clock event of scientific dissemination at the University of São Paulo (USP). Both Miranda and Rocha will be responsible for the conference “Neuroscience's mathematical and computational challenges”, that will occur on October, 11, from 2:30PM to 3:25PM at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics (IME).

The event aims to reach a diverse audience and to generate interest in scientific research on different areas, such as mathematics, astronomy, physics, biology, chemistry and communications.

From the perspective of NeuroMat, this conference is an opportunity to show the ongoing efforts to develop a new mathematical theory for understanding the brain functioning. To be involved in events geared toward a wide audience relates directly to the goals of scientific dissemination of this research center.

All the activities from “Virada Científica 2014 – USP de portas abertas” are free and can be attended by people of different ages and academic backgrounds.

Key Facts

Neuroscience's mathematical and computational challenges – Virada Científica 2014 – USP de portas abertas

Venue: Instituto de Matemática e Estatística da USP (Building B).

Address: Rua do Matão, 1010, Cidade Universitária, São Paulo.

Date & Time: 10/11, Saturday, 2:30PM to 3:25PM.

Price: Free.

Expected audience: general public interested in science.

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