Spike sorting: Prof. Christophe Pouzat's 2014 training

Three videos on Prof. Christophe Pouzat's training on spike sorting, that occurred on November, 25-27, 2014, at the University of São Paulo. Streaming was made available by IPTV-USP. Videos in English.

Prof. Pouzat's training was called "Spike sorting: What is it? Why do we need it? Where does it come from? How is it done? How to interpret it?" and was three day long. On the first section, Prof. Pouzat addressed the definition of spike sorting and reviewed the history of the field. He presented the historical development of sorting techniques and ideas (a development that as he said went hand in hand with the development of hardware, amplifiers and computers, found in neurophysiology labs). On the second section. Prof. Pouzat talked on spike detection, dimension reduction, clustering, sampling jitter cancellation and superposition resolution. The last talk revolved on improving sorting quality through stochastic modeling of spike trains.

More information on the training and Prof. Pouzat's work is available here.

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