Videos to explain, promote NeuroMat ongoing research directions

The NeuroMat dissemination team has launched a series of short videos on which young researchers describe briefly questions they tackle and their ongoing work. As of now, four videos were distributed with junior NeuroMat researchers Fernando Araujo Najman, Fernanda Torres, Arthur Lopes da Silva Valencio, and Luiggi Lustosa.

Fernando Araújo Najman

Arthur Valencio

Fernanda Torres

Luiggi Lustosa

Videos were produced from August to October. Featured researchers include NeuroMat members in São Paulo, Campinas and Rio de Janeiro. Two of the videos --with Torres and Lustosa-- deal directly with the brachial plexus injury, thus also serving as resources for the NeuroMat initiative ABRAÇO. 

The series on young researchers was produced by FAPESP fellows in science journalism Thais May and Matheus Cornely Sayão. This work connects directly to their ongoing dissemination project within NeuroMat.

The video with Najman was produced with the support of an immersive technology. According to May, the technology that was used --in which the viewer can scroll the video interface and explore in a 360-wide frame the setting of shootage-- is meant as a strategy to bring the viewer closer to the subject. "A challenge scientific dissemination faces is not portraying exclusively research results but more importantly science-in-the-making," May said.

This NeuroMat activity connects to campaigns from young researchers across Brazil to promote their research. These campaigns, in which students spread out in short videos topics they do research on or conference posters, were envisioned as means of communicating the relevance 

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