NeuroMat/NeuroMod webinars 2020

Amidst difficulties associated with the COVID-19 pandemics worldwide, in a context in which universities are closed and scientific missions are prohibited, we must do our best to keep scientific life alive. The series of webinars "Mathematics and Neurobiology Intertwined", presented on this page, bears the distinctive feature of bonding efforts and teams to move science forward.

The scientific intertwinement we have in mind is the research association of sister projects: the Research, Innovation and Dissemination Center for Neuromathematics (RIDC NeuroMat) and the Institute for Modeling in Neuroscience and Cognition of Université Côte d'Azur (NeuroMod). These institutions and their members have from their own perspective tackled similar questions, collaborated in several occasions, and "Mathematics and Neurobiology Intertwined" is an occasion to share more widely and strengthen cross-ocean ties.

The series of webinars runs every other week, from April 16 to May 28, 2020. The event starts at 1 PM UTC (10 AM, São Paulo time; 3 PM, Nice time). The dedicated GoogleMeet for the meeting room is:

In these web-based seminars, key questions of the NeuroMat and NeuroMod projects will be discussed and working questions will be bridged across teams, in sections informed by leading researchers in Mathematics, Probability, Computational Neuroscience, Neurobiology and other pertaining fields. The event is coordinated by NeuroMat and NeuroMod directors, respectively Antonio Galves and Patricia Reynaud-Bouret.

"Mathematics and Neurobiology Intertwined" is supported by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), University of São Paulo and University of Côte d'Azur. 

Forthcoming sections are:

  • April 16: "Neuronal network models as building blocks and for the classroom", by Markus Diesmann and Sebastian Spreizer, from the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine – Computational and Systems Neuroscience, Research Centre Jülich. The former is also a member of the NeuroMat International Advisory Board.
    • April 30: "Emerging phenomena from random paths to model animal behavior", by Daniel Y. Takahashi, from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, NeuroMat associate Investigator
    • May 14, "Rapid regulation of vesicle priming explains synaptic facilitation despite heterogeneous vesicle:Ca2+ channel distances", by Susanne Ditlevsen, from Department of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Copenhagen, member of the NeuroMod Think Tank.
    • May 28: "Stochastic modeling of  interacting neuron's systems", by Eva Löcherbach and Christophe Pouzat, from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne – Université Paris Descartes. Both are also NeuroMat's distinguished associate investigators.

    This series is meant for a wide audience. If you are not part of any of the research teams involved in organizing the event and have inquiries about the event, please send an email to . We will reply to you as soon as possible.

    Please, when you join the room, make sure you have turned off your microphone. It should only be turned on when you want to direct a comment or remark to the event attendees, and then again immediately turned off. This remote-room etiquette is necessary in order to guarantee an efficient communication process.

    Webinars will be recorded and eventually shared freely on the NeuroMat Youtube channel.

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    • What: "Mathematics and Neurobiology Intertwined" NeuroMat/NeuroMod webinars
    • When: April 16 - May 28, 1 PM UTC 
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