Video: Neuroscience Experiments System (NES)

At the 2016 INCF Neuroinformatics conference, held at the University of Reading, UK, Kelly Braghetto, NeuroMat researcher and University of São Paulo professor, presented the demo "NES: a free software to manage data from neuroscience experiments".

Streaming of the workshop Random Graphs in the Brain

Eight videos of the Random Graphs in the Brain workshop, that occurred on Nov, 23-27, 2015, at the University of São Paulo. Streaming was made available by IPTV-USP. Videos in English. More on the meeting, including list of speakers and presentation slides, here.

Streaming of the Random Graphs in the Brain

Video: Infinite systems of interacting chains with memory of variable length

Models of neural systems should be biologically plausible and statistically efficient. This presentation at the "Summer School on 'Physics and Neuroscience'", at Natal, Brazil, August 2014, rests upon: Galves, A., & Löcherbach, E. (2013). Infinite Systems of Interacting Chains with Memory of Variable Length—A Stochastic Model for Biological Neural Nets. Journal of Statistical Physics, 151(5), 896-921. Lecturer: Prof. Antonio Galves, NeuroMat.

Video: NeuroMat fair science preview

NeuroMat's dissemination team members have led the project "Connecting Science and Public Schools," which involved the organizing of scientific projects in four public schools in São Paulo. The video was produced by Ivanir Ferreira, from USP Online, and published on November, 27. The original posting is available here.

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