Video: NeuroMat young researchers meeting

NeuroMat, the Research, Innovation and Dissemination Center for Neuromathematics, at the University of São Paulo, held from May, 5 to 7 May, its 1st Meeting of Young Researchers. The goal was to bring together several initiatives to develop a mathematical theory of the brain and to stimulate the creation of interdisciplinary working groups among scientists from various universities. In addition to presentations of research involving areas of mathematics, statistics, neuroscience and medicine, the event also had tutorials and activities with the use of Wikipedia as a way to disseminate science. The video was produced by Aline Naoe, from USP Online, and published on May, 8. As of May 11, the video remained at the front page of the University of São Paulo's website. The original posting is available here.

Infinite systems of interacting chains with memory of variable lengths

How to build a mathematical model of neural functioning? Such model must be simple enough to allow higher-level analysis and still present most relevant qualitative features we observe of systems of neurons. This presentation at the 37th Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications, Buenos Aires, July 2014, rests upon: Galves, A., & Löcherbach, E. (2013). Infinite Systems of Interacting Chains with Memory of Variable Length—A Stochastic Model for Biological Neural Nets. Journal of Statistical Physics, 151(5), 896-921 (here). Lecturer: Prof. Antonio Galves, NeuroMat.

Spike sorting: Prof. Christophe Pouzat's 2014 training

Three videos on Prof. Christophe Pouzat's training on spike sorting, that occurred on November, 25-27, 2014, at the University of São Paulo. Streaming was made available by IPTV-USP. Videos in English.

"Dynamic connections" -- a movie on NeuroMat

A short movie on the combining of neuroscience and mathematics, NeuroMat's cornerstone, has been released. This movie was produced by the Pesquisa Fapesp crew, in May 2014. The video is in Portuguese, with English subtitles.

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